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Design system

I have led the creation of Cappfinity's design system alongside the creative and engineering teams. This ongoing project is the result of a rapid growing suite of products that is being offered. 


It is a collection of reusable components that can be assembled together to build consistent and cohesive experiences across devices and platforms, resulting in less frustration and more efficiency.

Product design
Cappfinity design system2.png



With Cappfinity going through a recent re-brand, it was important to create design components that were representative of the organisation and created consistency in its products.

Collaboration between Designers and Engineers
With each element eventually being realised in code, it was very important to create a design system that would be clear to developers and that would allow them to build out our product designs consistently.


It has been fundamental to create design components that are accessible and follow WCAG specifications. The design system is, of course, just the basis for developing accessible applications.

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