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TransferWise landing page

TransferWise is shaking up the world of international finance and there’s no doubt it’s easy to use, transparent about fees and cheaper than options such as PayPal and bank wires.

However, does it appeal to everyone? In this personal project, I tried to revisit a product that I use and see how I can improve its digital experience for a target audience. 

User research

Setting the brief

My overall goal was to find a way to increase sign ups to TransferWise for users abroad. I tried categorising the different types of users and decided to focus on people who know about TransferWise but don’t find it useful, bearing in mind the following assumptions:

  • TransferWise is focusing on increasing sign ups

  • The debit card and borderless accounts are a business priority for the next year

  • TransferWise is trying to invest more resources in their B2C model

Transferwise website ready.jpg
user interview website.png


I interviewed a 50+ year old expat user who works abroad and regularly handles different currencies. Based on the results, I created and tested a series of wireframes with him, taking into account his feedback. 

He emphasised the fact that he wanted to see more statistics and facts about TransferWise, to understand how reliable it is. It was surprising when he didn’t include the calculator since it’s such an important element on the current website. His reasoning behind it was that if he wanted to know his bank charges, he preferred checking them in his online banking app rather than believing a website he’s unfamiliar with.

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