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Cappfinity offers an award-winning Virtual Reality Assessment experience that delivers authentic insight into strengths and behaviours of candidates applying for jobs.

I collaborated with the in-house VR team to redesign all interfaces of our VR rooms, making them more functional, accessible and user friendly.


Revisiting old interfaces

The first VR room I looked to improve replicates a meeting room in which candidates are asked to look through a series of videos and documents before starting the assessment. The VR experience always felt very innovative and realistic but as soon as you picked up the tablet, it felt dated (as seen below), off brand, and hard to navigate, compromising the overall experience.

Improved tablet interface

The new tablet interfaces I designed are made up of customisable components that can be adjusted according to a client’s branding, resulting in a more immersive experience for candidates. Compared to the previous designs, the newest versions are fresh, higher quality, and more intuitive to use.

Some UX and UI improvements include:

  1. The new designs are made up of separate components rather than images, making it easier to build in VR and customise for premium clients (like with Accenture below)

  2. A video player has been added that allows candidates to preview videos directly on the conference screen of the virtual environment

  3. We included a clock so candidates can keep an eye on the time during the assessment

  4. Flash notifications indicating when new videos or documents have been uploaded make the experience more realistic

  5. Larger and more accessible buttons make the navigation smoother and work better with VR controllers

Frame 21.jpg
Phone mockup.png

Phone interface

To go hand in hand with the new tablet interface, I also designed the UI of a new conference phone that sits on the table. Candidates are asked to listen to voicemails and answer questions as part of the assessment. All interfaces have been tested to work with VR controllers.

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